Yes Greats Uninc 2024/25

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A ride that will make you as happy as a pig in pow.

Renowned as the ultimate carving twin, this latest design has amassed a devoted following. Combining innovation and style, it introduces an asymmetrical twin with asym-flex, incorporating the revolutionary asymmetrical MidBite into the opposing
sidecut specs. 

Embrace the thrill of snowboarding with the Greats Un..Inc. snowboard, an exceptional creation that harmonizes performance, aesthetics, and an unparalleled love for the sport.

Artist : Alex Fowkes @alexjfowkes



Back in the day, asymmetrical boards meant you had to choose between a regular or goofy-stance board. Not only was that a nightmare for retailers, it didn’t suit anyone with a duck stance – which is everyone now. The Asym Twin applies a tighter, deeper heelside radial sidecut compared to the toe. In effect, balancing out the difference in a body’s natural tendency that we get with directional allowing you to ride switch better than you ever have.

Regular or goofy - it’s still a true twin. Just flip it around.



Creating a lighter, more responsive core than the Full Poplar. The Poplar + Bamboo uses the same durable core, lightens it up by replacing 30% of the Poplar with Paulownia and then inserts two bamboo stringers down the full length for added pop and response.





Just like it says. Pellets or course powder is pressed until it forms a solid. There are several suppliers for our entire industry and they each have different codes for them, depending on the color and transparency. These codes can make it seem like you’re getting many different kinds and grades of sintered but they’re all pretty much the same as far as you and I will ever tell. True Sintered is harder and more expensive than extruded and it can be faster for those that ride aggressively fast. But to do that, it needs to be waxed and prepared for local conditions.