Booking a SNOW HIRE in season can be the most stressful experience of your holiday BUT not with SWS.

  1. Will they have your size? If you risk hire at the snow your running the risk of missing out on your size. Typically schools and tour groups pile off the bus and take all the popular sizes. 

  2. Get fitted quicker!! some Jindy hire shops look like a Sydney fish'n'chip shop mid summer with people spilling out the door onto the street. At SWS we have lots of staff ready to help. 

  3. How is the quality? SWS use brand name equipment in our hire section that is constantly checked and serviced before every hire. Because its brand name equipment you know it will be great for beginners to performance enthusiasts. 


  • We can take your booking 2weeks  b e f o r e  you travel, ensuring equipment in pre fitting is what you take on your holiday. 

  • Bookings can be done on the spot [for those who found the rats have nested in your boots over summer]. "I call the big one Mr Grumpy"

  • The days of pick up and drop off are FREE* see in store for details