SWS Magnetic Change Goggles - Black Red w Pink Blue

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Take all the goggles we sell from the top competitive brands and moosh them into our new SWS Magnetic Lens technology. Designed to fit with your helmet and stay in place under the most difficult terrain.

  • SWS Magnetic Change Lenses - 8x super strong magnets hidden in the frame. No way that lens is shifting unless you remove the goggles and physically twist the frame to release.
  • SuperFlex Frame built tough to withstand harsh conditions.
  • Top vent hard covers 
  • Grey Dual Lens with Green coating - VLT20% - Medium Light - (Sunny or Cloudy conditions)
  • Spare Pink Dual Lens with Blue coating - VLT39% - Low Light - (Dark or Whiteout conditions).
  • OTG - Fits over your glasses.
  • Triple layer inner foam for comfort against your face.
  • Adjustable strap fits with all helmets
  • Non slip silicone strips inside goggle strap
  • Embroidered logos 
  • Free goggle bag - Recommended for cleaning lenses + separate spare lens compartment.