Softlite 6’6” Chop Stick - Lite Blue

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6'6" X 21 1/4" X 3 1/8" (50L)

 We would recommend this for beginner riders weighing 45-90kg, although if you are an experienced surfer of any weight, you'd be able to use this to get your wave count up on the smaller days. Having one of these in your quiver is a surefire way to ensure there is no waves too small or too crowded, so you'll be surfing more than ever!


The Chop Stick has become the most popular board in our range, and with good reason.

It's the perfect addition (or starting point) to your quiver, to help you surf more often, catch more waves and have more fun!

It's available in sizes from 6'0 through to 9'0, so there's a board there for everyone, depending on your size and skill level.