Pride Vulcan V3 - Black

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Pride's new Vulcan 3 Fins has the same foot pocket as the V1 & V2 but with stiffer rubber compound on the bottom foot pocket to improve thrust. Combine this with the straight blade, these fins have no point of weakness on the blade which provides extra thrust.
These fins come with a neoprene lined foot pocket for extra comfort.
Please note size is slightly smaller due to the neoprene foot pocket.

Vulcan fins represent a revolution in terms of conception. The 3density elastomer® technology offers improved propulsion performance, ideal for powerful and experienced bodyboarders. The ergonomic foot pocket and ankle strap will provide you with incredible comfort during your sessions.
Their optimum drainage system offers powerful performance.
They are made with premium quality Malaysian rubber.

-Neoprene lined foot pocket
-Ergonomic Foot pocket
-Optimal Drainage system
-Anatomically designed heel strap