Mullet BOBCAT 4'8" - White PRE ORDER

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The BobCat is a new variation of our top selling Fat Cat model.

When we created the Fat Cat, we just aimed to make surfing in everyday slop fun again. What we didn't realise, was that we'd have a loyal following of Fat Cat frothers who wanted to ride the things in all sorts of waves. 

While it doesn't completely look the part, this shape (and particularly the Bob Cat) is epic to ride in slabby waves. 

So what's different about the Bob Cat? We've added a strongly refined 'diamond' rail, similar to a bodyboard rail. Main advantage of this is that bites in HARD when it's put on rail so if you're looking to get more barrelled, get more power in your turns or get higher into the air, this could be the board for you!