JG Boards M3 ISS - 41"

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JG Boards M3 ISS

A perfectly balanced template in curve and board dimensions. The very best performance with the choice of different stringer options which offers much more in the way of verstility.
Every aspect of the M3 ISS™ is specifically designed to maximize your surfing, whether it’s 2ft or 10ft.
Innovation at it’s finest. ISS - Interchangable Stringer System™ is the future of flex control for the surfer who knows what they want and when they want it. Understanding the system and its intricacies gives you the optionsto control how much flex verse strength you want in every session. Dial your board in to suit the conditions, wave or location your travelling to.

Kinetic PP Core
Nose Bulbs
Dupont Surlyn Slick
Nose & Tail Bumpers
Graduated Channels
Contour Deck System
CFS Stringer System
ISS – Interchangable Stringer System™

Blue Deck / Army Green Slick