JetPilot 60FT 1-4 Person Tube Rope

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JET PILOT 1-4 Person Tube Rope - 60FT The perfect accessory for ALL towable adventures.

This rope is made of 2-strand PE rope, providing a strong and durable option for towing up to 4 riders.

Measuring 60 ft in length, this rope has a breaking strain of 1882 kg, ensuring that it can handle the weight and movement of multiple riders. The green color of the rope makes it easy to spot on the water and is perfect for all your towing needs.

Whether you're towing a single rider or a group of friends, the Jetpilot 1-4 Person Tube Rope - Green is a versatile and reliable option for all your towable adventures. So, grab a rope and hit the waves with confidence knowing that your towable is secure with the Jetpilot 1-4 Person Tube Rope - Green!

Product Description: 

  • FABRICATION - 2 Strand PE Rope
  • 60 ft, 1882 kg Breaking Strain
  • Designed for Towing up to 4 Riders