GNU Ladies Choice 2025 - 145.5cm

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Despite its association with park riding, it excels in all areas including jumps, rails, powder, and groomers.

GNU Ladies Choice has solidified itself as one of the best female oriented snowboards of all time and is Jamie Anderson's snowboard of choice, accompanying her to just about every winning podium throughout her career. Despite its association with park riding, it excels in all areas including jumps, rails, powder, and groomers. This is achieved through a perfect balance of camber and rocker and an asymmetrical design, delivering float, pop, and power for all riding styles. The Ladies Choice is one of the most versatile boards in Gnu's collection so choose it yourself and be prepared for any challenge.

GNU recommend weight range 45kg - 65kg

* Base colours are random.
Rider Level: Intermediate
Board Type: All Mountain Freestyle
Camber Type: C2x
Shortened rocker between your feet with lengthened camber to the tip and tail gives you power and pop on groomers and in the park along with float and freedom to charge through powder. More loaded pressure in the tip and tail than regular C2 for a more aggressive and stable ride.
Flex: 5/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)
Shape: Asym Twin
Identical tip to tail for controlled riding in regular or switch, with an asymmetric construction from toe to heel. Our bodies aren't the same front to back, so why should our boards be? Asymmetrical boards are built with a shorter sidecut on the heel edge and a different core construction from toe to heel, resulting in more precise carves on your toes, and easier and more powerful turns on your heels. This board features an asymmetrical sidecut, core, and contact points.
Core: G3 Lite + Carbon Construction with Asym Level 2
The lightest, strongest, and most poppy construction GNU makes. Combines Aspen and Paulownia woods with Triax and Biax alloy glass and carbon power bands to add pop, response and extend the performance life of your board.
Asym Sidecut: Deeper sidecut on heel side for increased power
Asym Contact: Asymmetric contact angles, longer toe side contact for more precise control and shorter heel side contact for more power.
Base: Sintered
Fast and rugged with maximum wax retention.
Mounting Pattern: 2x4 inserts
Additional Features:
Eco Sublimated Bio Beans Topsheet - A bio-plastic made from beans. Good for your board, and good for the environment.
UHMW Sidewalls - Tough and fast sidewalls.
Magnetraction - 7 strategically placed serrations along the edges of the board grip onto the snow and hold a strong edge in any condition.