Bent Metal - Stylist - Orange / Blue

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Bent Metal - Stylist - Orange / Blue



The 2024 Bent metal Stylist brings reliable all mountain peak performance to the table with this mid flexing womens binding. This versatile binding comes fully loaded with a magnesium fibre drive plate and solid nylon highback, giving you both increased response, and when paired with the Power Band Ankle strap you will enjoy one of the most comfortable rides on the mountain, perfect to bring out your inner style.

Binding Type: All Mountain

Flex (1 - Soft / 10 - Stiff): 6/10

Board Compatibility: 2x4, 4x4, and the Channel.

Base Plate: Stylist

The Stylist features  a uni-body chassis that is designed to absorb vibration for a smoother ride while giving you all the response you need. The drive plate is made of Magnesium fibre, with a poly core and eco-sublimated topsheet material (found on snowboard topsheets) that creates a medium flex pattern for all mountain versatility. What differentiates Bent Metal bindings from a traditional binding is the interchangeable base plates, allowing you to modify the response of your binding based on the type of riding you will be doing.

High Back: Asymmetric Solid Nylon Highback

The highback on the Stylist has a slightly curved, asymmetric shape that provides mid levels of rigidity both toe to heel and side to side for smooth and responsive carves. It is made from engineered Nylon Polymer that has a versatile medium flex, suited for a wide range of terrain and conditions.

Forward Lean Adjustment: The Cube

Easily the simplest and fastest way to adjust your forward lean, rotating the cube will push the highback forward in 4 different levels.

Ratchets: Forged Aluminium Buckles

Bent Metal bindings feature lightweight Forged Aluminium Ratchets that are hardened for extra strength and provide smooth entry and release.

Straps: Power Ankle Strap

The Power Ankle Strap is a featherweight strap with IMVA padding with shock absorption for a more comfy ride.

Grip Form Toe Strap

The Grip Form Toe Strap is a moulded strap that grips and secures your boot in place. It features a dynamic, lightweight fit for maximum performance which fits every boot.