Anticorp Mitten Kevlar 30K/20K - Black

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Anticorp Base Mittens 30K/20K - Kevlar Palm

Keeping you high and dry with the Anticorp 30K/20K Base Mitten. Built with premium materials with Australian alpine conditions in mind. In fact the company owner lives in Jindabyne and has been in the industry from when snowboarding first began. 

ANTICORP is independent 100% Australian owned brand, run by snowboarders from a farm high in the snowy mountains where we do things for the passion and are not making decisions from a city boardroom!

Kevlar palm for the more advanced rider that stands tall up and riding more than planted in the snow trying to get up every two seconds.

4-way Stretch Shell

If you are a beginner, SWS suggest looking at the Anticorp 30K/20K Rubber Palm to increase waterproofing. When learning your hands are touching the snow more often.

CLICK HERE for rubber palm gloves.

ANTICORP has been making gloves for the Australian snow conditions since 1989