Anon Raven Black/Mauve Large

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The 2021 Anon Raven Womens Helmet offers a stylish low-profile peaked design that withstands the test of time with the Anon Endura-Shell construction. The sleek, low-profile peak features ample goggle ventilation to ensure your goggles do not fog up so you can stay out even longer, no matter the conditions.

Endura-Shell Construction:

Endura-Shell helmets are made from a two piece construction that features an injection moulded ABS exterior for long lasting durability and ding-resistant strength. Endura-Shell helmets are designed for use season after season.

Passive Ventilation:

Passive Ventilation channels integrated into the helmet draw fresh air in the front and pulls moisture out the back. These channels help reduce goggle fog and maintain a comfortable temperature.

Simple Fit:

All Anon helmets feature removable ear pads and liners, so you can run the helmet alone or with a beanie underneath without compromising comfort.

Fidlock Snap Buckle:

The Fidlock system revolutionises the way you fasten your helmet. No longer do you have to struggle to with clasps or take your gloves off to fasten your helmet, thanks to the Fidlock magnetic snap system you just have to get the two parts in proximity and let the magnets do all the work.