Attica Omega 2/2 Chest Zip Long Arm Spring Suit

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Attica Long Arm Spring Suit

#1 Wetti SWS sell in warmer months, September till May. The combo of long sleeves keeps the sun from cooking your arms while your body stays warm enough to attack the early morning chill. 

- ATTICA Zipperless Entry
- 100% Neospan 3.0 Superstretch
- GBS Construction
- Seamless Stomach Design
- Taped Criticals
- Contoured Fit
- Raw Cut Glide Skin Neck
- YKK Blockout Chest 
- Wrist Cuff Seals
- Key Stash Pocket
- 3D Logo

Price rise is coming due to the AUS dollar, shipping and manufacturing. This will be industry wide and all stores will be the same from October 2021. The stock we already had in won't increase till sold out.