FreeStyle Universal Temp Wax 135g

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Fluorinated Universal Temperature snow wax 
Rub On Application 
Scrape off old wax, remove any oils/residues and rub on wax nose to tail, remove excess wax by buffing with a soft bristle brush or felt cloth always working nose to tail. 
Hot Melt Application 
Scrape off old wax, remove any oils/residues, drip wax on with an iron. Melt wax evenly over and into base ensuring not to distribute too much heat into one area. Once base is cooled scrape excess wax off. Use a soft bristle brush and buff nose to tail. 

Remember that SWS professionally service and wax skis & snowboards, starting from just $20.00* . If you are unsure or don't have the special tools to wax its best to bring your investment into the shop for the trained staff to maintain.