LibTech Terrain Wrecker 2025

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2025 LibTech Terrain Wrecker Snowboard. Wollongong Snow Shop 

If that is the video for 2023/24 imagine how radical this NEWER model is!!!

Off its titties I'd say..

If you're scratching your head thinking where is the newest video i'd totally understand. Well Australia get this board earlier than our friends in the northern hemisphere so unless you want to see a demo riding in the dirt? We will be waiting 5min for the next update.

Terrain Wrecker is a resorts biggest fear, designed to leave a trail of destruction in its wake and apply your freestyle game to the whole mountain. The Terrain Wrecker is a twin with a directional shape, blunting out the tail for solid grabs and blocks, keeping the nose round for float in powder, and maintaining that twin profile that rips in both directions. Built with a hybrid camber that leans on the aggressive side of the scale along with a medium flex, you'll be able to take your freestyle game to new heights, and into new territory. 

Rider Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Board Type: All Mountain Freeride

Camber Type: Hybrid C2x

Shortened rocker between your feet with lengthened camber to the tip and tail gives you power and pop on groomers and in the park along with float and freedom to charge through powder. More loaded pressure in the tip and tail than regular C2 for a more aggressive and stable ride.

Flex: 6/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Shape: Directional Twin

This twin shape is the same tip to tail, and can perform just as well in switch as it does regular. The Terrain Wrecker has a rounded nose that floats and a blunt tail that is super fun to grab and block.

Core: OP - Original Power

Light, environmentally nice, strong. Combines 75% Aspen and 25% Paulownia woods with Triax and Biax Fibreglass for a great long lasting ride.

Base: Eco Sublimated TNT

Fast, strong, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly.

Mounting Pattern: 2x4 inserts

Additional Features:

Magnetraction - 7 strategically placed serrations along the edges of the board grip onto the snow and hold a strong edge in any condition.

Eco Sublimated Poly Top - This topsheet is made using an eco-friendly sublimation process.

  • Birch Internal Sidewalls
  • UHMW Sintered Sidewalls
  • UHMW Tip/Tail Impact Deflection