Ski & Snowboard Service Price List

Waxing your board will increase the longevity of your snowboardWaxing hydrates the base and stops the pores of the P-tex base drying up. If you wax your board regularly, your board will stay as fast and feel good if not better than the day you purchased it. 


Hot Wax - $25.00

  • All skis/snowboards NEED to be waxed to prevent permanent damage. How often you wax depends on snow conditions, how you ride and where you ride. To learn more or see if your board needs wax please bring it in for a FREE assessment. 
  • This usually takes around 30min and peak season we see HEAPS of boards per day. No booking needed BUT most customers drop off and pick up few days later for convenience. 


Express Pickup - $35

  • Ok its late afternoon and you just remembered the boards and skis need waxing... We can try to push your equipment into this priority service for same day pickup.


Full Service - $50

Base Clean + Base Grind + Edging + Hot Wax + Safety Check

  • Like a car your ski gear also needs to be serviced and checked for wear and safety. To keep your equipment in top shape the above maintenance is done on special machines then finished by hand by specialised trained staff.  
  • This usually takes around 1hour at peak season expect to drop off and pick up next day where possible. (express pickup is available, see staff for pricing) We welcome the opportunity for you to pick up few days later also :)