Science Pocket Tech Bodyboard - 42" Tangerine/White

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Scinece Pocket Tech

The Pocket Template is a shape renowned for its exceptional maneuverability and precise control, enabling peak performance within the wave's crucial energy zone, known as the "pocket."

You have the freedom to accelerate as desired, as the Pocket seamlessly transitions between rail to rail, facilitating the fluid connection of maneuvers. Whether you're seeking to navigate sections closely within the pocket or launch effortlessly out of the bowl for your signature move or any creative idea, this template empowers you to maintain total control over your board while deftly maneuvering within and around the pocket.


Core - 1.9lb Polypro
Stringer - 2 x EXT Stringer
Rails - 55/45 Double Rails
Channels - Slotted Channels
Slick - HD
Deck - Wavecushion Air 8lb PE
Tail - Clipped Crescent
Additional Features - CNC Shaped, XFL Armour and Nose Bulbs, Deck Contours.