DUP SDR LTD - 145cm

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DUP designers took the already loved DUP flat line construction, added reverse vee and then put the tip and tail on a diet. Solid between the feet but softer and lighter in the tip and tail, the SDR has the solid feel of a heavy hitter but with reduced swing weight, extra press and ollie pop. Edge concaves in the tip and tail and signature reverse vee create edging power and rail control. The SDR is one of our teams favourite boards and each year we pair with a different rider for a unique limited edition SDR. This year, resident artist and Co-Owner of DUP @yeah_Nahrt worked with Cam Graham on this multi-dimensional graphic. 

Key Features 

  • 100% Paulownia Timber Core 
  • Flat line construction 
  • Dyna6 Base 
  • Polyurethane Side Walls 
  • 600 Gram Tri Axle Fibreglass layup 
  • Strategically Profiled Core 
  • Reverse Vee Hull

Recommended riders Weight 70kg to 115kg