YES Greats Uninc - 154cm

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Its asymmetrical design makes carving effortless across all-terrain, especially on the heelside.

The Greats lives up to its name as it is the greatest twin snowboard out. It does everything you throw at it with absolute precision.  This board is ridden by all staff here at Welcome for a reason. It is the most versatile rewarding snowboard on the market. You wanna ride fast? You wanna carve like you're on rails? You wanna hit every feature in the park with all the confidence in the world? Or maybe you wanna shred pow and never even think about buying a powder specific snowboard. Don't be a fool and get one while you can. 

Save the Humans Still the best carving twin you’ll ever lay an edge on. This newest design of Greats UnInc has an ever-growing legion of followers. . An asymmetrical twin with asym-flex, asymmetrical MidBite was added to the opposing side-cut specs. The end result is a high-performance twin that delivers better edge hold and greater stability on landings that will leave a permanent grin on your face.


  • Shape: True Twin
  • Core: Poplar/Paulownia/Bamboo
  • Glass: Triax + Carbon
  • Base Material: Sintered True
  • Flex: 7/10
  • Outline: Asymmetrical MidBite

2022 YES Greats Uninc Snowboard

  • Base Profile: CamRock 2.4.2

2022 YES Greats Uninc Snowboard

  • Riders: JP Solberg + Colin Spencer