YES Basic 2022

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The Yes basic has been a staple in our store's range for over a decade. Its versatility for all abilities and all-terrain contributes to its success. If you're looking for your first board and are worried that you're not making the right purchase, look no further than the YES Basic.

Tested, proven, & award-stacked. Developed as a go-to, ride-it-all deck, the Basic has been refined over the years to the point that both pros and newbies reach for it on a regular basis. The UnderBite outline extracts more arc, more hold and a better carving experience out of every design we apply it to and the Basic was the genesis of it all.


  • Shape: True Twin
  • Core: Full Poplar
  • Glass: Biax
  • Base Material: Extruded
  • Flex: 5/10
  • Outline: UnderBite

2022 YES Basic Snowboard

  • Base Profile: CamRock 4.4.4

2022 YES Basic Snowboard

  • Riders: Pretty much everybody