VS Winny Quantum WiFly PP - Blue Met Blue - 42.5" / 43.5"

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VS Dave Winchester Quantum WiFly PP

Unrivalled Speed | Unmatched Recoil | Unbelievable Control

The all-new Quantum Series has been designed for the advanced rider and represents the pinnacle in advanced bodyboard design. We started with the dynamic loading principles of PFS-T and reconfigured the QuadConcave to match the tapered beam orientation. The result is the fastest board we’ve ever tested.


Dual Divinycell PFS beams feature 1° of toe-in from tail to nose. This effectively positions the beams in-line with the leading hand, elbow and hip for optimal dynamic loading, resulting in enhanced flexion recoil and projection.

Tapered Quadconcave

The new tapered QuadConcave is shaped with custom-built Aku CNC precision. The angled taper creates lift through the tail for lightning fast board speed and enables quicker release out of turns without sacrificing edge control.  

  • Polypro core 1.9lb
  • Winny contour
  • 1 x ISS ℗ stringer
  • Towed in PFST beams
  • Quad with venturi channels
  • Mesh
  • Surlyn ℗ slick
  • XFL Armour
  • WiFly tail & nose bulbs

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