VS Winny NRG+ ISS PP - Midnight Blue Black - 42"

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VS Dave Winchester NRG+ ISS

After much demand, we decided to welcome the NRG+ model back into our 2021 range. But we brought it back spec'd out with the ISS Stringer System, React Mesh, and 1/4" Kinetic PP deck Underlay. The new NRG+ gives our customers and even better mix of flex, recoil, projection and pop to cater to their wave riding and water temperature needs. The 2020/2021 NRG+ ISS is an outstanding all round for the Australian Market.

  • NRG+ Polypro Core 1.9lb
  • 1 X ISS ℗ Stringer
  • Winny Contour
  • Surlyn ℗ Slick
  • Channels
  • XFL Armour
  • Crescent Tail & Nose Bulbs

Dave Winchester has brought his style, versatility & all round talent to VS. Winny has created this model for the those after a more flexible version of his current template.
With the ISS Stringer System, you can further customise your ride and add more/less flex if desired. 


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