Core // PP (1.9pcf Polypropylene)
Stringer // Interchangable Stringer System (ISS)
Rails // 55/45 Double Rails
Channels // Graduated Channels
Slick // Surlyn
Deck // Wavecushion Air 8lb PE
Tail // Crescent
Additional Features // Winchester Line Contour, MESH, CNC Shaped, Bull Grips, Nose and Tail Bumpers.

What is ISS? - Interchangable Stringer System revolutionies high performance bodyboarding by giving the rider freedom to fine tune the flex of their board for optimum performance in all wave and water conditions. Using patented load & lock technology, ISS stringers are inserted and removed with the turn of a key. The ISS range of stringers utilse the latest advancements in composite construction and manufacturing technology to create a quiver of shafts that covers the full spectrum of riders flex requirements.

NOTE: extra stringers sold separately. Each board comes with a regular standard A+ stinger already fitted.