Switchback Blow - Black

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Switchback Blow 2019

The blow is a flexible binding built on the Origin Base.It comes with the ST highback for stable flex and support and is finished with our freestyle focussed Miller straps.   

- Origin Base
- Miller Straps
- ST Highback

ORIGIN baseplate as seen on the Destroyer, Chaser, Blow and Spirit models
- Less material, more flex: reduced board contact
- Bumper corners for increased dampening
- Offset disc 
In keeping with Switchback's grass roots all models are still completely tool-less including: 
- Tool-less base plate size adjustment
- Tool-less ankle strap adjustment
- Tool-less toe strap adjustment
- Tool-less high back attachment
Please don't ask if you need a screwdriver to attach them to the board... They are good bindings, they are not magic! 
Perfect match for thE Bataleon FEELBETTER!