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There's a bit of history behind the creation of this board! We've based the Stealth S-Flex off the board Steve "Bullet" Mackenzie used to win the infamous Pipe Comp of 1997!


Last year when we did our rounds through the shops, we got a bit of feedback that got us thinking..

Firstly, we realised that there is a pretty large population of older bodyboarders who grew up on the older style Dow,  PE and 3D core boards and are used to riding something a bit flexier. There's also plenty of guys surfing cold water locations who have their board options severely limited! 

the moment, the market is full of Kinetic (PP) and NRG boards which are generally quite stiff, and take time to "ride in".

Similarly, Dessie from Emerald Bodyboard Store in Cronulla also pointed out there is also plenty of younger guys out there who don't get to surf all the time, perhaps ride a surfboard when the waves are small or fat, or just choose to only surf when its good! When these guys get on bodyboard, we figured it will generally be in heavier and hollower waves, so a bit more flex would suit them too. 

So, we thought we'd design something for these guys - a board for serious waves, that's going to go good straight out of the plastic!


Stealth Bodyboards Shaun Pyne S-Flex Box Set



As with other boards in our Box Set collection, we sat down with Stealth Ambassador Steve "Bullet" Mackenzie to get some ideas. This was a pretty easy one for "Bullet", as he pretty much fits the mould of who we were deigning this board for, so we were pretty much just making one for him.

In the process, we went through a collection of Bullets personal favourite boards to get some inspiration. We settled on the shape of the board Bullet used to win the iconic Pipe Contest of 1997. If your old enough, you will remember it, if not take a look below (last 10 Mins is the best) !!



After a few little tweaks, We ended up with the  "S-Flex". We like to think of it as timeless shape with some modern modifications. 

The PE core gives the board good flex, allowing you to scoop into hollow waves and feel instantly “ridden in”. We also chose to add the exclusive Stealth "Tension Tech" technology to give it better projection and durability than found in some of the older boards. 

Shape-wise, we kept the classic curve, although had it narrowed a touch to suit the modern day style of riding and waves surfed. Overall though, we definitely wouldn't call it a thin or narrow board, so it would still ride well in average conditions.

We've also tried to use some classic colour combos, and a 90's Style logo design for a little bit of old school flavour.