Science Pro TS Tri Quad PP - Black Orange

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Science Pro TS Tri Quad Bodyboard

Designed for straight up Performance!

The New Tri / Quad Channel Tail combo is a "ON / OFF" Channel System. It engages when you need it and has a normal ride in cruise mode. The Four Channels are narrow and deep with a flat section in centre to help give you a bit more release when you need it. Push hard on your rail and the quads rip in with hold + drive and combined with the Tri Crescent hooks in the First and Fourth Channel this allows you to turn sharper and still keep the hold and drive your after.
1.9lb PP - Polypropylene     
1 x RCS Stringer
55/45 Double Rails
Quand Vent Channels
Tri Crescent Tail
Dupont Surlyn Slick Skin
Wave cushion Air 8lb PE Deck
Nose Bulbs, Tail Piece, Pro TS Contour
Designed by 9 x World Champ Mike Stewart