Science Pro Tech MINI - PE


The Pro Template is is designed to ride amazingly in any condition, The Pro’s Shape is super fast with enough curve to control that speed for destroying sections and blasting airs on any wave ,big or small

Designed by 9 x World Champ Mike Stewart

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Core: Polyethylene Core (PE)
PE core is a good quality core popular for riders who surf in colder waters or riders wanting flex.

Deck:Wavecushion Air 8lb PE Deck

Stringer: Single Stringer
A stringer is a hollow, filament would composition fiber tube used for board strength and instant recoil.

Slick: High Density Slick Skin (HD) 
Lower costing, Hard wearing, high density slick skin for stiffness and speed.

Channels: Slotted Channels
Graduated contours increase the surface area of the slick and channels the laminar flow of water along the rail/hull for enhanced edge control.

Tail: Crescent Tail
Classic 40 degree radius curve cut, for rider control, comfort and quick release. The tail blocks are precision cut for maximum drive out of the bottom turns.

Additional Features
55/45 Double Rail
Tail Piece
Nose Bulbs (Raised nose grips shaped into the corners of the Surlyn or HD bottom, ergonomically formed for fingertip control)

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