Science - Hybrid - PP


This has been SWS Jason's board of choice for the last few years. Finding when its just too slabby to DK this boards still boogies if you choose to ride prone. Little bit old school in shape but a safe purchase any day of the week.

- Jason McCarthy.  


The Hybrid: Has been designed for the rider who loves to get up on the knee,but also to go prone from time time.
80% DK / 20% PRONE

Designed by 9 x World Champ Mike Stewart

Core: Kinetic Polypro Core (PP)
KPP is a state of the art engineered Bodyboard core. A lightweight core that is fusion formed to create a nucleus that delivers incredible flex properties, including instant recoil, enhanced longitudinal stiffness and awesome compression strength. 100% Waterproof.

Deck:Wavecushion Air 8lb PE Deck

Stringer: DOUBLE Stringer
Two stringers that run parallel down each side of the board to increase strength and stiffness.

Slick: SURLYN Slick Skin
Top end, the finest grade authentic Dupont Surlyn slick skin. Surlyn exhibits rubber like properties for superior projection.

Channels: Slotted Channels
Graduated contours increase the surface area of the slick and channels the laminar flow of water along the rail/hull for enhanced edge control.

Tail: Crescent Tail
Classic 40 degree radius curve cut, for rider control, comfort and quick release. The tail blocks are precision cut for maximum drive out of the bottom turns.

Additional Features
55/45 Double Rail