SantaCruz 2022 Jordan Small Pro

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SantaCruz Jordan Small Pro Snowboard

Growing up in California JORDAN SMALL was a true board enthusiast and spent most of his time on this planet standing sideways on a skateboard, surfboard or snowboard. In his pro model we took his best characteristics in a board from all three aspects, and built a snowboard that has feelings and characteristics from all 3. Classic camber for that tride and true board feeling. Lays heavy into tuns and give you the skate pop. A slight set back in the inserts to give you the option to set that stance back when powder gods have spoken. Complete with a softflex HCM+ core with edgeless tip&tail which gives that look and feel of a skate deck under your feet. It features the famous Screaming Hand graphic in dark sanded print on shiny black Topsheet to add so the skate feel while also eliminating the need for a stomp pad! Pick this board up and ride anything!

Riding Style

The JORDAN SMALL PRO MODEL is a new innovative core construction that gives this board no limit. Tested in everything from the streets to deep powder and everything in between. This board can truly do it all!


This snowboard comes in a Directional Shape. The tip is slightly longer than the tail. The board has a centred radial sidecut and insert set back to have the feets centered in the mid of the board sidecut radius for a balanced ride.


The classic camber offer all the advantages of camber shapes, precission and stability. In combination with the soft tuning the board is the perfect on rails, groomers and powder.


The soft flex core - 5.5 out of 10 - give the board a playful switch-back ability. Discover double flip feeling on a ‘snowboard-deck’. Easy to ride, easy to turn, jib and float in powder.

Riding Style

• All Mountain
• Crossover skater

Riding Level

• Advanced
• Pro Rider


Edgeless Tip&Tail
Sidewall: ABS+ Rubber Dampening Edge: HRC Stainless steel edge Core: HCM+ Tip to Tail Wood Core Fibre Laminate: Biax 30+
Base: Super Glide SX7000

Flex | Stiffness: 5,5/10