Rossignol Famous 2 Bindings Included 149cm

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Why rent your first pair of skis when you can get a great deal from a great brand like Rossignol this easily? The Rossignol Famous 2 Skis + Xpress 10 Bindings are purpose-built to vault you up the learning curve and make every day on snow a pleasure. Super light construction and a sidecut that turns magically help you build confidence and the skill set needed to go to the head of your class.

Rocker Type

Power Turn Rocker  Designed for on-trail precision, this profile features traditional camber through 90% of the ski length for explosive power, snap, and edge grip, with subtle tip rocker (10%) for easier turn initiation and control.


Oversized Sidecut  Combines deep carving sidecuts with wider, modern waist widths resulting in powerful carving precision and edge grip with increased stability and control.


Prop Tip  Designed for enhanced on-trail performance, Rossignol's unique PROP TIP technology effectively lightens the tip of the ski for easier, faster turn initiation resulting in a more playful on-trail feel and increased precision.


Poplar Wood Core  A classic core construction creates a balance of weight, dampness, and elasticity for a versatile blend of power, agility, and playfulness.


Cap Construction  Increased durability, comfort, and ease-of-use.

Binding Plate

Xpress Binding System  Xpress has revolutionized integrated systems. Its monoblock design and the use of composite materials have resulted in a total weight saving of 700 g per system.

Included Bindings

Includes Look Xpress 10 Bindings  DIN Range 3 - 10

Bindings Do Not Come Mounted to Skis Always have a certified binding technician mount and adjust your bindings