Rossignol Alltrack - Raspberry - Flex 70

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Women are stakeholders in our vision of conquering the entire mountain and expanding the playing field by adding a new dimension. The balance between performance and the right weight to explore all the facets of the mountain is obvious for them.

The new ALLTRACK models therefore feature 3 internal lasts– 98 mm, 100 mm and 102 mm – and a special women’s cuff. For free-touring, we tend towards more natural colours, inspired by nature while retaining a feminine look, a hallmark of Rossignol women’s boots.


- Last: 102
- Flex: 70
- Weight Kg (1/2 Pair): 1,630
- Technology: Generative Design Grid
- Shell: Polyurethane
- Specifications: Dual Core
- Cuff: Polyolefine
- Range Of Motion: 50°
- Specifications: Hike Mode
- Liner: Women Custom T4
- Heel Pieces: Grip Walk Compatible