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You wouldn't want to wear the same pair of underwear every day, so why get a board that can only handle one part of snowboarding? The Rome National Snowboard is game to carve, jib, and play in stashes of pow like a quiver killer should. Fusion Camber with nose and tail rise improves flotation in deeper snow while Rebound Sidewalls and a SinterTrue base keep the sliding fast and the board durable for lap after lap of all-mountain exploration. Shred everything with the Rome National Snowboard.

Product Details

Rocker Type

Fusion Camber  Fusion camber features positive camber through most of the length with a small bit of rocker just before the contact points for a versatile all-mountain freestyle feel with power, response, and a smoother feel.


Flex (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)  7


True Twin  This shape is symmetrical with a centered stance for riding switch and capturing that park personality with all mountain performance.

QuickRip Sidecut  Instead of blending the sidecuts smoothly, Rome creates mid-board contact points near the bindings for added edge hold and turning response at higher speed along with mobility at lower speeds.


Pop Core Matrix  Built primarily of responsive, strong wood with two zones of a lighter wood species, this core balances response and lightness for a nimble ride.


StraightBiax Laminate  For boards where the focus is on fun and a more mellow feel, pure 90 degree fibers drive the personality.

Bamboo Single Barrel Pattern  A snappy single barrel of bamboo milled into the core delivers extra pop to the centerline of the board.

Hot Rod Technology  Reinforcement rods deliver extra power to the areas of the board where it's needed most.


Rebound Sidewalls  Rebound Sidewalls feature higher elasticity than normal ABS sidewall material so you can run laps in the park every day of the season. Get a board that can take a beating and come back for more.


SinterTrue Base  Enjoy high levels of speed thanks to a solid does of wax absorbing power from this sintered base.

Additional Features

Glasspack Impact Plates  The corners of your bindings put a lot of force on your snowboard when you load up energy or land a big drop. Impact Plates under the four corners of your bindings absorb and disperse energy before it has a chance to compress the core for 2.5X greater strength.

Binding Compatibility

2 x 4 Binding Inserts