Ride - Manic


Ride Manic 2019

The Ride Manic is not as manic as you think. In fact it is a light, chilled board that is mellow and easy to initiate those turns, featuring a directional rocker shape to keep those weekends easy and cruisy. If you want to go faster, that is cool. Slimewall will keep the ride luxurious and shut that speed chatter up, so you can just push down the mountain like a maniac. It doesn't shy away if you decide to take an adventure and go down a steeper path you normally wouldn't. With carbon stringers from tip to tail, you might be surprised to find that you pop the greatest ollies out of all the kids in the park, if you choose to do so. The Ride Manic 2019 will look after you.

Shape: Directional

Camber: Rocker

Flex: Mellow


  • Slimewalls

  • Single Impact Plates

  • Biaxial Glass

  • Linear Carbon

  • Extruded Base

  • Foundation Core

  • 2x4 Inserts

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