Ride Agenda 2020

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Take your skills to the next level with the Ride Agenda Snowboard. The best way to get better is by getting a board that is forgiving and won't fight you for control; the Agenda has a soft flex and mellow response, so your movements don't need to be perfectly precise to ride it well. The new Twin Hybrid Rocker lifts the tip and tail off the ground, providing a catch-free ride and easy turn initiation. The board's Foundation Core flexes easily while still offering quality strength, and Ride's Slimewall sidewall construction has added durability and helps to absorb vibrations when you want to go fast. Beginner to intermediate riders who are just starting out or want something easy to ride on the groomers will find the Ride Agenda Snowboard to be the right choice.


      The industry standard extruded 1500 Ptex base material. Good wax absorbtion and easy to repair.


      Tip-to-tail Aspen wood core with proven durability that retains pop and flex.


      Triaxial on top, biaxial on base, balanced torsion and stiffness for better response with speed.


      Rockwell 48 C.


      Durable topsheet with graphics only RIDE can bring you.


    RIDE’s exclusive Slimewalls® are forgiving and ductile, absorbing impacts rather than defending against them. Just like your skate wheels, the urethane in Slimewalls® smoothes the interaction with the snow, wood or metal surfaces you may RIDE on. On top of all that, these babies are virtually indestructible, the most durable sidewalls in snowboarding.