QCD Sharp Spoon DKboard - 43.5" - Black Silver

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QCD Sharp Spoon DK 

This is the real deal! If you remember the QCDK been the staff pick for DK boards then this is weird stepchild. Forgiving enough to surf the small days but aggressive response comes from the twin hull and short peg tail. 

  CORE: Kinetic Polypro Core
STRINGESR: 2 x CFT Stringers
DECK: Wavecushion 8lb PE Deck
SLICK: Surlyn Slick
TAIL: Clipped Crescent Tail with smaller 1 inch Pegs
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Nose Kick shaped into rocker, Double Concave, AKU CNC Channels, Raised thumb groove deck contour, 55/45 Double rails, Nose & Tail Bumpers, Nose Bulbs, CNC Shaped.