Gyroll Primus 3x2 Steamer Zipperless Blue

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Gyroll Primus Steamer 3x2 

-Zipperless Entry
-100% Super Stretch Neoprene
-GBS Stitch Sealed
-Critically Welded
-Smooth Glide Skin Collar
-Elbow Grip
-Supratex Knee Pads
-Wrist & Ankle Seals
-Key Stash/Leash
-Moulded Fit
-New Underarm Panel designed for no restrictions for paddling.
-New Wider Chest Panel

Care Instructions
Building the highest performing products is what we are dedicated to.
Like any fine tuned piece of equipment your Gyroll Suit needs to be carefully looked after to maintain its peak performance.
Whenever possible please:
1.Don't over stress the seams trying to get in and out of the suit to quickly.
2.Rinse with fresh water after use.
3.Only hand wash with mild soap (no chemicals or bleach)
4.Hang dry and store in a shaded area

Respect All - Fear None - Have fun