FLUX - RK - 2016


This year's Flux RK delivers once again as a premium mid-weight freestyle binding for those looking for a looser, more surfy feel. Add the fact that the man himself, Van Styles, collaborated on one of this year's sexiest bindings in production!




  • SOLID- Narrow in the middle for more flex at the top with support at the bottom.
  • URETHANE- Soft, soft, soft.


  • ALPHA BASE- Lightweight and focused on softness.
  • PERFORMANCE BLEND- A nylon and fibreglass mix for all around performance
  • FOOTBED- Flat single density material to absorb shock and provide abrasion resistance.
  • TOOLLESS LEVER- Make adjustments on the fly without tools.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEEL AND TOE CUSHION- Change to custom fit boot size and avoid loss of leverage.


  • F-TECH 3-D FOOTSTRAP- A three dimensional shape that eliminates pressure points.
  • ALPHA RATCHET BUCKLES- Lightweight and improved lever angles for frozen finger friendliness.
  • F.T.M. VERSA - New softer material and a better toe cap or toe strap option.
  • L-GUIDE- Holds ratchet ladders down.
  • UU FIT- a 360* wrap evens out pressure for natural feel and hold.

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