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Although at home on the runway, the Ray Lara prefers the slopes. With classic styling and sophisticated features, it blends beauty and performance without breaking the bank. Its minimal design features a low profile, offering exceptional comfort and the feel of a lightweight sneaker. Thanks to a softer flex, SCL lacing system, and clean lines, the Ray Lara is perfect for making turns and turning heads.

Outer Boot
The Dupont® Surlyn highback contributes to the durability and stability of the boot. Combined with additional reinforcements, the highback also aids in dictating its stiffness. By better securing the boot to your shin, the Powerstrap adds additional support to its lacing system. The Pro Flex construction is designed to meet the needs of freestylers who demand premium performance. It provides the perfect blend of flex and stability. Defined flex zones in the boot’s joint area offer maximum support and eliminate bulging. 

The patent-pending D-Lug outsole is designed to better cushion and cradle your feet. Dual impact zones provide enhanced traction and absorb vibrations. For additional dampening, the sole features Slytech One foam in the heel and independent lugs that work like suspension. The outsole design also acts as a frame that enhances the support and stability of the boot.

Plain and simple, the Comfort Flex liner will make your feet smile. As soon as you step into these liners, your feet will feel at home and ready to ride. These liners firmly hold your feet in place, with maximum comfort. The new orthopaedic DLX footbed cradles the contours of your feet, offering comfort and support. Its refined materials offer a plush ride without sacrificing durability.
Lacing System
Two handles allow you to adjust the boot’s Section Control Lacing system and its three target zones. The FLD base features a removable design that screws easily into the boot’s shell. In addition to locking laces in place, this base offers enhanced protection from snow and ice, as well as impacts.