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Burton 2019 Malavita Bindings

The 2019 Burton Malavita is a 100% freestyle focused binding with a medium flex that can handle everything. Plenty of features keep everything comfortable between park laps, with the AutoCANT footbed, the smooth shaped Hammockstrap, Heel Hammock, and the brand new 2019 Supergrip Capstrap making sure you'll be locked in tight and getting your tricks locked down. The Malavita comes in two major versions, the Re:Flex which works on regular 4x4/4x2 boards as well as the Channel, and the EST version that is made for maximum performance and seamless integration with Burton boards featuring the M6 Channel system.

Binding Type: All Mountain Freestyle

Flex (1 - Soft / 10 - Stiff): 6/10 (Medium - Stiff)

Board Compatibility: Burtons Re:Flex baseplates are compatible with all mounting systems, including The Channel System, 4x2, 4x4 and 3D (3D discs sold separately).

Base Plate:

Malavita Re:Flex

Single-component 30% short-glass/nylon composite lightweight construction. This baseplate is made of a single solid part, which creates even response and feel throughout the whole base for consistent performance all over the mountain.


Malavita Highback

The Malavita Highback consists of a single piece, resulting in instant response. This zero-lean canted design follows the contours of your legs to maximise control and comfort, and the Living Hinge built into the highback provides independent forward lean and highback rotation options while still reducing weight and materials, and works in conjunction with the Burton DialFLAD so you can easily dial in your desired forward lean.


Double Take Ratchets

Burtons Double Take Ratchets feature one of the quickest and easiest ratchet designs on the market. Helical teeth and 'insta-click' engagement combine for increased torque per crank, and fewer cranks needed to get to your desired tightness.


Asym Hammockstrap

The Asym Hammockstrap on the Malavita is a minimal, stitchless design that pushes the boundaries of what an ankle strap can be. This ultra responsive, injection moulded, 3D curved, ultra light strap is supportive and responsive, and can be run as is for power and control or flipped upside down for increased freedom.

Flex Slider

The Burton Flex Slider gets your ankle strap out of the way, so gone are the days of battling with your ankle strap when you're trying to get your boot into your binding. These flex points are specially designed to be super strong as well, so they are just as durable despite the constant flexing.

Supergrip Capstrap 2.0

The Burton Supergrip Capstrap 2.0 is one of the best toe straps on the market, with a super grippy interior that holds onto your boot in freezing temperatures, and a design that hugs the contours of most boots. This new design takes the Supergrip Capstrap one step further, and offers better hold than ever before.


AutoCANT Fullbed Cushioning System

This dual-density EVA footbed works to settle your boot into a naturally comfortable position, regardless of your stance width and angles, which helps to align your joints and gives you less fatigue and a more comfortable ride.

B3 Gel

B3 Gel under your heel provides ultimate dampening for hard landings and rough snow, and is formulated to withstand repeated impacts and cold temperatures without any reduction in performance.