Bent Metal Logic - Black (Medium)

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The 2019 Bent Metal Logic binding pairs the perfect all mountain flex with a responsive yet forgiving nylon highback formula, creating a fluid connection between your board and the mountain. Even though this is one of the most modestly priced bindings from Bent Metal, it's the choice of Sean Genovese as his all mountain freestyle binding due to its versatile flex and freedom of movement that allows you to tweak your grabs to the max while still having good response from your board.

Binding Type: All Mountain Freestyle

Flex (1 - Soft / 10 - Stiff): 4/10

Board Compatibility: 2x4 and the Channel. Not compatible with 4x4 mounting systems.

Base Plate: Logic

The Logic features a Calcium Bi-Ax drive plate, which is made of soft flexing bi-axial fibres that provide strong edge to edge performance and freestyle flexibility. What differentiates Bent Metal bindings from a traditional binding is the interchangeable base plates, allowing you to modify the response of your binding based on the type of riding you will be doing.

High Back: Urethane Highback

The Highback on the Logic binding is made from soft Urethane that flexed with your boot for smooth response and more freestyle performance in all terrain.

Ratchets: Forged Aluminium Buckles

Bent Metal bindings feature lightweight Forged Aluminium Ratchets that are hardened for extra strength and provide smooth entry and release.

Straps: Mobility Construction Ankle Strap

For 2019 this binding features the all new Mobility Construction Ankle Strap, which offers both lightweight performance and great comfort. This strap is made from a TPU Elastomer formed in a 3D architectural structure, which provides a comfortable, damp, and forgiving ride.

Light Form Toe Strap

The Light Form Toe Strap is simplistic in design, but this shape moulds to your boot with ease while still offering a lightweight, dynamic fit with maximum performance.