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The 2021 Bent Metal Joint brings high-performance materials with a Mervin Made Flex Control Drive Plate back again to give you a ridiculous value for money binding. This mid flexing binding is the perfect fit for beginner to intermediate riders or for those who like a little softer flexing to press absolutely everything in the park. Responsive yet forgiving, the Joint is the perfect all-mountain binding that performs day after day.

Binding Type: All Mountain

Flex (1 - Soft / 10 - Stiff): 5/10

Board Compatibility: 2x4, 4x4, and the Channel.

Base Plate: Joint

The Joint features a drive plate made of Boron fibre, with a poly core and eco-sublimated topsheet material (found on snowboard topsheets) that creates a medium flex pattern for all mountain versatility. What differentiates Bent Metal bindings from a traditional binding is the interchangeable base plates, allowing you to modify the response of your binding based on the type of riding you will be doing.

High Back: Nylon Highback

The Highback on the Joint binding is made from engineered Nylon Polymer that has a versatile medium flex, suited for a wide range of terrain and conditions.

Forward Lean Adjustment: The Cube

Easily the simplest and fastest way to adjust your forward lean, rotating the cube will push the highback forward in 4 different levels.

Ratchets: Forged Aluminium Buckles

Bent Metal bindings feature lightweight Forged Aluminium Ratchets that are hardened for extra strength and provide smooth entry and release.

Straps: Mobility Ankle Strap

The Mobility Ankle Strap offers both lightweight performance and great comfort. This strap is made from a TPU Elastomer formed in a 3D architectural structure, which provides a comfortable, damp, and forgiving ride.

Light Form Toe Strap

The Light Form Toe Strap is simplistic in design, but this shape moulds to your boot with ease while still offering a lightweight, dynamic fit with maximum performance.


(Medium) Mens US 8 - 11 // Womens US 9+

(Large) Mens US 11+