Adrenalin Urban Surfer 32" - Islander

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Adrenalin Urban Surfer Surfskate Skateboard - 32" 

Q: What is different between the expensive surfskate boards on the SWS online?

A: The Islander is amazing bang'4'buck that will definitely help progress your surfing skills. The soft compound wheels combined with Abec7 bearings mean a smooth ride overall. BUUUUT the Slide brand will BLOW your MIND! one push and it glides for long distance with better quality parts all round. 

If its flat day fun for a quick play around, THIS IS THE BOARD FOR YOU. 

Islander features a front Swing Pivoting Truck that allows sharp carving turns similar to surfing. This is a great land surfing training board as it can be pumped side to side to gain speed. Includes a cruiser shape old school maple deck, ABEC 5 Bearings and 65mm 78A wheels.


  • Deck size: 32 inch old school cruiser shape single kicker maple deck
  • Truck Front: Adjustable Swinging Pivoting Truck that allows for sharp carving turns
  • Truck Back: Standard Pivot truck
  • Wheels: 65 x 50mm 78A wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC5 Bearings for a smooth ride