Skate Truck sizes - size choices, depend on many factors and is also personal but here is a quick size chart for trucks onto decks.              
  • deck  size  7.5'- 7.9'      choose   5.0'   or  129 trucks
  • deck  size  7.8 -8.25'     choose   5.25  or  139 trucks
  • deck  size  8.1- 8.5'       choose   5.5    or  149 trucks
  • deck size   8.38'+          choose   5.8    or  149 trucks

What truck profile height do I need?

Truck profile is the distance between the bottom of the skate deck and the hanger. In general, a mid-sized truck works well for most skateboarders, but high or low trucks may be preferred for different styles of skating.

Provides extra stability for flip tricks, designed for small wheels (50-53mm wheel size recommended)

Good all-around profile for street or park (53-56mm wheel size recommended)

Great for cruising and carving, designed for large wheels (56mm+ wheel size recommended)

Skate Trucks, high, mid, and low