Snow Travel Bags


Possibly the most important part of your trip is to arrive with your equipment safe and still in one piece. Depending on your circumstances the correct travel bag can make your trip allot easier.

Skis and snowboards are heavy, so a wheeled bag is easier to carry and manoeuvre around the airport.

A padded, wheeled bag is great for protecting your gear and is easy to carry. 

Check out our range and ask us some questions as our staff have loads of tips and tricks. 

Customer orders are available across our different brands.

*SKIS CAN BE TAKEN IN SNOWBOARD BAGS ALLOWING EXTRA ROOM FOR MORE TURTLE NECK SWEATERS. Snowboarders can't afford to take anything other than the essentials.*

SWS do our best to maintain stock on our web page however if sold out we will be in contact within 24hours to make arrangements.