Rossignol Experience84 Bindings Included 170cm

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Make sure your gear can keep up with your surging ability level with the Experience 84 HD Skis + SPX 12 Konect Dual WTR Bindings. Designed to handle resort riding with the best of them, the Auto Turn Rocker profile also makes this setup fully capable in side piste and variable conditions, too. Built for easy steering with the guts to backup faster speeds, the 

Experience 84 HD Skis + SPX 12 Konect Dual WTR Bindings are a fantastic, lightweight setup to discover the whole mountain with.

Product Details

Rocker Type

Auto Turn Rocker  The most versatile rocker and camber blend now features a longer, more progressive tip profile for increased stability and hard-snow precision. Traditional camber through 70% of the ski retains the power, energy, and edge grip for confident on-trail performance; while moderate tip and tail rocker encourages effortless carved turns, easy steering and instant speed control in all snow conditions.


Extended Sidecut  Rossignol developed this extended sidecut to improve high-speed grip while increasing low-speed handling. By extending the sidecut far into the tip, the full length of the ski is in contact with the snow when the skier is angulating and travelling at speed. At lower speeds, rotation is easier thanks to the tip and tail rocker.


Paulownia Wood Core


Air Tip  A patented technology exclusive to Rossignol, the tip is filled with air for maximum lightness and built to retain excellent torsional rigidity. The ski’s weight is redistributed, freeing the tip and tail of the ski and providing greater ease, safety and versatility. The center of gravity is closer to the center of the ski, concentrating power under the skier’s feet.

Carbon Alloy Matrix  This brand new fiber is ushering in a new era of high-efficiency materials. Combining an extremely lightweight design with high mechanical properties, the Carbon Alloy Matrix raises the ski’s performance across the board, whether in terms of grip and versatility, precision and permissiveness, or stability and manoeuvrability. The Carbon Alloy Matrix is the result of a clever blend of Carbon fiber and Basalt fiber. Carbon provides boost, lightness and power transmission, while Basalt contributes its shock-absorbing and stabilising properties. Boost your skiing for a white-knuckle experience!


ABS Sidewalls


Sintered HD Base

Binding Plate

Konect Binding System  The new integrated system that is set to revolutionise top-end ski equipment. From the width of the beams to the spacing of the screws and the technical features of the materials used; every detail has been carefully studied to deliver maximum skiability, so that all pressure exerted by the skier is transmitted directly to the skis. The Konect system features Dual WTR technology and is available with the SPX and NX technologies.

Included Bindings

Bindings Do Not Come Mounted to Skis  Always have a certified binding technician mount and adjust your bindings.

Includes Look SPX 12 Konect Dual WTR Bindings  DIN Range 3.5 - 12


  • Terrain:All-MountainMore 
  • Skis:With Bindings
  • Ability Level:Intermediate-AdvancedMore 
  • Rocker Type:Rocker/Camber/RockerMore 
  • Turning Radius:Short
  • Core/Laminates:Basalt, Carbon, Wood
  • Tail Type:FlatMore 
  • DIN: Release Value Low:3.5
  • DIN / Release Value High:12